Why Us?

Commercial Lending USA proudly serves as your lifelong financial partner. With in-house underwriting capabilities, extensive correspondent relationships, and collaborations with over 200 investors and partners, you can trust us to handle the workload. We prioritize structuring commercial loans to align with investors' guidelines, ensuring a smooth process.

Unlike traditional lenders who may decline applications after lengthy paperwork, we step in to structure and secure funding, turning NO to YES answer. Our commitment to quality service drives us to help you achieve your business goals.

While banks and traditional lenders may have formal, protracted application processes, as financial advisors, we offer a streamlined approach with an 80% or higher success rate. Whether you require a long-term conventional loan, a lite doc option, or a short-term bridge loan, our diverse loan products cater to your needs. Backed by over 30 years of combined experience in commercial and residential lending, our team can adeptly navigate investor guidelines and secure funding.

Contact us today with your project details, and let's kickstart your loan processing journey. We work exclusively with our clients to find the right commercial loan solutions for you. Let's get started today!

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