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CommercialLendingUSA.com is a nationwide financing and business consulting company with software development and VOIP technology. We have developed technology-based platforms for all lenders, private Investors, wholesale lines of credit, Islamic investment planners, new investors, inventors, marketers, and reseller partners. Join our team and we will celebrate new successes!


Direct Lender

We would be honored to help you receive all the necessary funding. If you have a loan product for SBA, USDA, conventional commercial, commercial construction, hard money, bridge loan, business terms or line of credit, asset-based loan, equipment or truck financing, business working capital, or any comparable loan products, our company is a perfect choice. We handle your loan origination overload for review, allowing for a simple loan approval, and processing. Contact us today with your product highlights, terms, and processing steps.


Private Investor

Credit Master, LLC strives to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors over the short term and long term. We serve the business community by providing working capital and/or emergency funds. As a community-driven business, we nurture each and every client relationship. We guarantee that, should you choose us, our efforts will be focused on your future success.


Our Keys to Success:

  • Our 30 years of experience in real estate, business working capital, and the mortgage market is invaluable. Where other businesses are only now entering the commercial and business loan industry, we have solidified connections that guarantee optimal results.
  • We created a unique business model that minimizes risk and maximizes profit, according to the current economic climate. Our use of advanced technology ensures a seamless process, from beginning to end. 

  • With both long-term and short-term sources of profit, we allow for a more stable business plan regardless of the industry. In our three-layer business model, risks are distributed equally between the three sources of revenue, increasing rewards exponentially.


Types of Investment:

  1. FIXED TERM RETURNS: We offer fixed monthly or yearly returns which possess low risk on your investments. If you have an investment for “Bank CD” or any comparable platform, you may be entitled to four to five times more returns.
  2. ASSETS BASED INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP: Until the contract is fulfilled, receive full-time management in investments. In the partnership model, together we share both profits and losses. As a silent partner on your investments, you will receive a higher ROI (Return on Investment).
  3. ASSETS-BASED SOLE INVESTMENT: The investments will be fully guided and secured by your decisions. We will cooperate with all necessary paperwork, earning a commission or dividend as a result.
  4. ISLAMIC INVESTMENT: For those who prefer investing without interest, we offer to the Muslim community a plan with a higher return. Please refer to models B and C to understand which decision is best for you.
  5. WAREHOUSE LINE OF CREDIT:  In our bank warehouse framework models, access capital from our private investor who has $500K- $10M in investment funds available.

We welcome any and all investors, including those overseas who prefer to invest in the U.S. Any investors considering projects in the U.S. for permanent residency, we will gladly cooperate with immigration laws. Terms are open for discussion and negotiation as venture capital or straight terms of the loan. Please contact us at [email protected] for further details.


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