We are seeking Referral Partners to promote our commercial & business loan products. If you have a Call Center, Lead Generation or Digital Marketing Company, you can apply and join us as a Referral Partner and earn a commission. We can set up an account for you to run your own business. You get paid upon loan closing & funding per customer. Join us today to make an extra commission.

How does it work?

  • Fill out the referral partner form
  • Find your unique Agent ID & URL
  • Take the customer to the website with your unique Agent URL
  • Help them to apply for commercial/ business loan
  • Ask them to use your Agent ID number to apply
  • Ask your customer to upload their documents through customer panel
  • You can also collect those documents to upload for the loan approval
  • Follow up with our team and customer to get approved
  • Help our team to close the loan & get funded
  • Earn your commission after a successful closing

Steps for Call Centers

  • Call your target audience in the USA
  • Discuss the benefits of services (72 hours funding)
  • Take the application over the phone or website
  • Ask them to sign up under your Agent ID

Steps for Online Lead Generators

  • Create your own social media campaign
  • Discuss the benefits of the loan programs & opportunities
  • Ask then to use your Agent URL to apply for the loan program
  • Follow up & help them to get approved, closed, & funded

Our Requirements

  • Must have the knowledge of MCA, business & commercial loan
  • Provide customer service & maintain professionalism!
  • Minimum sales- 4 per month

Payments & Commissions

You will send us an invoice every 15 days, and we will review your volume and pay in 7 days. It’s your ongoing revenue!