When you require a bridge loan to bridge the gap or propel your real estate project forward, Commercial Lending USA is your ideal partner. Serving as your comprehensive bridge loan center, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you seek a $250K renovation loan or a $30M apartment building financing to stabilize the property for a conventional loan, our experienced team stands ready to assist you.
Business owners and entrepreneurs often face significant pressure at the inception of their ventures to cover operating costs and keep their operations afloat. Establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and retail businesses frequently aim to commence operations before securing conventional financing, allowing them to generate revenue. A Bridge Loan serves as a lifeline during this waiting period, enabling owners to avoid diluting their ownership by bringing in new partners and sacrificing control over vital business decisions in the long term. We specialize in helping with all types of residential investment and commercial properties. Whether you're investing in a single-family home or a large commercial development, our team is here to support your financing needs every step of the way.

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When is Hard Money or Bridge Loan Appropriate?

You can secure a hard money or bridge loan for almost any property type, including:

  • Residential investment properties
  • Multi-family properties
  • Commercial real estate
  • Industrial real estate

Hard money loans can be used when the loan is needed within a short time or when banks are simply not an option. If you have a good credit, a stable income history, have the time for the lengthy approval process, and you haven’t been involved in a foreclosure or short sale, conventional borrowing may be a better option for you. Hard money loans are ideal for situations such as:

  • Fix and flips or rehabbing a home
  • Land and construction loans
  • If credit issues are present
  • Quick money for property purchase
  • Emergency business capital

Why Use a Hard Money or Bridge Loan?

One reason to use a hard money loan is quick funding. The timeframe is typically ten days or faster, compared to the month or 45 days it can take for approval of a conventional loan. The application process only takes a day or two, again, a much shorter time than that of a conventional loan
Faster funding is a significant advantage for a real estate investor who wants to purchase a property with multiple competing bids. A hard money loan can provide a fast closure, setting the offer apart from others using conventional financing.

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