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Working Capital

A working capital loan is a fast funding for everyday business operations like rent, payroll, equipment repair/buy or restocking inventory. We can help regardless of credit.

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Equipment Loans

We’re offering $25K- $5M all types of equipment loans and leasing nationwide. Whether you have a new business, credit issue or insufficient down payment; we can help.

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Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is the first loan on a commercial property, similar to a traditional mortgage loan. We typically have an amortization schedule and a repayment term of 5 - 30 years.

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Lite / No Doc Loans

Lite doc and No doc loans provide self-employed borrowers who have limited verification of their income the opportunity to get a loan without having to jump through hoops!

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SBA Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides guarantees for some commercial real estate loan, and these loans are often called SBA real estate loans.

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Hard Money

Whether you need hard money, construction loan, bridge loan, or fix n’ flip loan; this will be your final stop. We can help you regardless of your income or past credit issue.

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Working Capital loans can help you take care of immediate needs in your business, whether that is a cash-flow shortfall or a new business opportunity. These loans are simple, fast, and affordable; and designed to help with seasonal shortcomings with revenue or bills, boost inventories or purchase any equipment. No collateral is required for our working capital loans. With our inhouse syndicate and network with our partners, we can offer 1st to 8th position. These loans can be daily or weekly payments with 3- 18 months term. We just require one-page simple application, 3 months of business bank statement, ID, and proof of ownership. We can fund you in 72 hours!
We’re also offering a long-term business loan if you have strong taxable income in last 3 years and 700+ credit score. It requires about 2-3 months to find the approval and fund it. We have an unique platform to handle all types of financial needs.



We offer financing or leasing on commercial vehicles to help better manage your cash flow, so you continue to grow. We have a deeper understanding of your business nature. Our experienced team can take care of you all types of financing while you are focusing on your business development. We are offering equipment financing on all industries including transportation, medical, software, restaurant, gym, construction, manufacturer, healthcare, mining, agriculture, forestry, and more. Our commercial vehicle financing extends to commercial trucks, dump trucks, moving trucks. trailers, limousines, fleet vehicles, delivery vehicles, and more. We can help you to purchase equipment as low as 500 credit score and newer business. We can structure the loan based on your business plan and needs. Just leave everything on our shoulder. Our experienced team is ready to provide financial services for life. Your business growth is our pillars of success.


As a small business owner, your top priority is to grow your business, and purchasing real estate, renovating a property you already own, or refinancing real estate debt can be a great way to do that. We are offering SBA, commercial, construction, and lite/ no doc commercial loans. This is your one step solutions center!
It is important to structure the commercial loans to fit with the Investor’s guidelines. Most of the Lenders/ Banks take the application and decline it after a few months of paper trails. Then we come here as your Commercial Mortgage Consultant to help you with the financing you need. Together, we will achieve your business goal.
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Hard Money or Bridge Loans

Businesses often need to acquire commercial real estate hard money/ bridge loans before fixed commercial loans. At Commercial Lending USA, we can assist you in applying for a commercial bridge loan to meet your immediate financing needs. Our vast experience in commercial financing solutions allows us to arrange the ideal loan options.

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Construction Loans

Commercial construction/ builder construction loans are becoming harder. Our lending experts are there every step of the way to help guide large projects from start to finish. Our team takes the time to understand the complexities and work with Investors to make it happen. Let us take the load as a partner and help you to grow.

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Concerned For A Mortgage Loan Approval?

Are you tired of shopping to find a Lender to help with your real estate financing? Have you been turned down by a local Lender or Bank? Are you worried about you mortgage loan qualification? Then you are in the right place. At commercial Lending USA, we offer all types of mortgage loans including full doc, lite doc, no doc, bank statements.This is your one stop mortgage solutions center to find all types of commercial and residential investment loans nationwide. Our experienced team can help you to structure and process the loan approval. Sign up today for your mortgage needs.

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If you're interested in business loans to keep your operations running smoothly or purchase a new one, we can help. Our team of experienced financial professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to make your vision a reality so you can continue to grow your business. With several commercial finance options available, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.
Our team has over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential loans. We can structure the loan based on Investor’s guideline and get funded. We work exclusively with our customers to find the commercial loan you need.Let us start your loan processing today!

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Are You Concerned for Your Past Credit History?

Our sister company Credit Master, LLC. has an experienced team to remove your negative items from credit history and help you to boost your credit score by adding new credit cards. We would strongly recommend you sign up with Credit Master, LLC. during our transaction at Commercial Lending USA. We can closely work with a credit repair company to fit you on a future right loan program. We may be able to provide better financing in future! Click here to visit the site. We would like to be your Business Consultant for life.