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Types Of Loan Lending Industries:

Commercial Lending USA has an experienced team and relationship with over 100’s Investors to help you with commercial mortgage loans. Here are a few highlights:

  • Up to $200M commercial purchase or refinance loan
  • SBA loans for small business owners
  • No doc and stated income commercial loans
  • Lite/ no-doc residential investment loan
  • Church and non-profit organization loan
  • Gas stations, office or retail  buildings
  • Multi-family or mixed unit commercial loan
  • Hospital or medical buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels, motels, resorts,
  • New Builder’s construction loan

Commercial Lending USA is offering all types of mortgage loans for various properties. It is complicated for somebody to understand the right product based on loan scenario, timing and financial status. Our experienced team is ready to take over your load and help you to grow.

Types of Loan

Commercial conventional loan

Commercial conventional loans are mortgages backed by commercial real estate that is provided by lending institutions such as banks, credit unions, savings and thrift institutions, life insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds, private financial institutions, etc. These loans are usually secured by a lien position on the subject properties being financed. The collateral may be any type of commercial real estate. It requires good credit and stable income to qualify. 

SBA loan

Commercial Lending USA can provide a small business loan backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). While we offer numerous loans and financing options; we can determine which loan program is best suited for your needs. Our experienced team can take you step by step to find the mortgage loan to grow your business.

Lite / no-doc loan

This is one of the most popular loan programs in this market.  In short, there is no income verification, no income documentation, no tax returns, and on certain refinance transactions you will not have to provide any bank statements. If you are purchasing a property, bank statements are only needed to confirm that you have enough funds for the down payment and closing costs. Keep in mind the No-Doc Loan Program is also available for residential investment properties. 

Hard money loan

While most types of commercial lending are long-term loans that give you years to repay, hard money loans count as short-term financing. They have brief loan terms of just 6 to 24 months. That urgency means that hard money loans carry interest rates as high as 10% to 18%, in addition to costlier up-front fees. private investors who are willing to make lending risks based on the value of the commercial property itself, not the credit rating of the borrower.

Bridge loan

A commercial real estate bridge loan is a softer version of a hard loan with lower interest rates (6.5% to 9%), longer terms (up to three years), and a short approval-to-funding wait (15 to 45 days). Business owners need a credit score of at least 650 to qualify for a bridge loan from a traditional bank, and they must be able to cover a 10% to 20% down payment.

Short-term investors prefer to use bridge loans for renovations and construction before a bigger, more comprehensive refinance.

Construction loan

Construction loans are taken out to cover the material and labor costs of building structures like offices, retail fronts, industrial facilities, multi-family rental units, and more. If the undeveloped land has already been purchased, it can be utilized as collateral for the construction loan (as can the building materials).

Construction loan terms range between 18 and 36 months, usually leading to a long-term mortgage.


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